Monday, June 26, 2006

Procter & Gamble Selects Flytxt For Mobile Marketing

Procter & Gamble was looking for a mobile marketing company that could provide some innovative mobile marketing ideas beyond simple "text and win" for their products.

This is a big win for Flytxt.

Flytxt, Inc. (R) the leading mobile direct marketing company, today launched Irresistibility IQ for Crest(R) Whitening Plus Scope Extreme Toothpaste; the first in a series of mobile marketing campaigns planned for Procter & Gamble (P&G) brands using integrated short message service (SMS) messages.

Flytxt is providing P&G with a wireless strategy designed to stimulate brand awareness and drive sales of P&G's new Crest toothpaste by providing consumers with SMS-based promotions including sweepstakes and text-based trivia campaigns.

Flytxt, Inc. is the leading mobile direct marketing and services company. It specializes in cost effective tools and services to help businesses sell products and promote brands using the mobile phone channel. Flytxt customers include Levi's(R), Time Inc., Procter & Gamble (R), Target, Cingular, Yahoo! Inc., Capital Radio Group, HarperCollins Children's Books, British Airways, Orange (TM), and Virgin Mobile.

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Anonymous said...

More importantly it's showing that big brands really are interested in the 3rd screen. However, no single marketer will get all of PG's business related to the 3rd screen. But congrats to Flytxt!