Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mytago Is CueCat With A Camera Phone And 2D Codes

We can't put Mytago on the physical world connection list yet. They offer the ability to scan a 2d code with a camera phone, but they dont follow through on the direct connection part.

I will give them an "A" for effort though. They are showing how easy physical world hyperlinks can be created and they are allowing consumers to decide what they want to connect in the physical world.

They really just offer 2d code bookmarks.

I expect more of these "create and scan your own code" services to be popping up, but they will need to offer a direct connection function. Mytago is just CueCat with a camera phone.

Nokia phones come with 2d code readers preinstalled, and then you see how a mobile marketing powerhouse gets built.

Mytago tags are a new version of the common barcodes. Instead of the barcode scanner, you scan tags by taking a snapshot with your phone camera and later get the details of the tag on your PC.

You scan it by taking a snapshot with your mobile phone camera as a bookmark for the event. Later at home, you transfer the tag to your laptop and upload it to and get all the details about the event.

That seems like a lot of work doesn't it?

The flowchart of how it works is just confusing

Nice find


Anonymous said...

Take a closer look at Mytago and you realize that they are not really doing much. It is an interesting idea but not executed. They require that you take a picture with your mobile phone, transfer it to your pc, email it to their server, then you get the link. Does this really save any time??

There are plenty of other better solutions out there.

Thomas said...


Thank you for your feedback and comments on the service.

We are not trying to be the physical hyper links, but only targeting to be physical world bookamrks/tags.

We have a simpler and new usage model where the phone is only used to collect bookmarks. All you need to do on the phone is take snapshots of intersting tags you find during busy day around town, when you have no time to fiddle with the limited browser capability on the small phone screen.

You go home and explore those bookamrks to share, discuss and discover on the more familiar and easy to use web interface.

The system diagram was meant to give a detailed view of all features. The actual usage model for the users are much simpler.