Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mobile Phone Counterfeiting

Would you believe there's an application coming that will use a mobile phone to verify authenticity of a mobile phone?

From Yahoo News Nokia sues Chinese cos for product copying

Nokia, the world's biggest cellphone maker, has sued two Chinese competitors in its first Chinese legal action alleging illegal product copying, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

In the lawsuit, Nokia is asking the court to force the two manufacturers to stop making and selling models that allegedly infringe on designs for its own mid-range 7260 model.

The lawsuit is Nokia's first in China related to product design, marking a milestone for the Finnish giant in what has become company's single biggest global market.

The mobile phone will play a big role in eliminating couterfeit goods. Stay tuned.


Ron said...

Authentication is just a big problem for loads of big brands in many industries, maybe here RFID can play a role.

I found out in China "copying" is a word that does not exist in chinese culture with strange results as shown but also positive.

Scott Shaffer said...

There is unique technology that will solve this multi-billion dollar problem very easily.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

I thought each phone already had a detectible electronic signature for such purposes.....

Ron said...

The SIM card has an unique number, somewhere deep in the device the is a serial number but what is needed is an authentication method for instance to be used by customes employees.