Tuesday, June 13, 2006

xVista Uses 2d Codes For Biometrics

Add xVista to the physical world connection list as a biometric application.

A 2d code, created from the iris, will act as a physical world hyperlink.

From Security Document Iris matrix ideal for security documents

xVista – has come up with a way to convert iris image data into a datamatrix, small enough to be printed on an ID card, passport or other secure document.

The datamatrix is effectively a 2D bar code measuring 3mm by 3mm, and can be created from an iris image acquired using xVista’s newly launched portable iris scanning and verification system, which can be housed within low power computing systems, such as a standard camera mobile phone.

Once the iris is scanned, the template is converted into a 2D barcode and can be printed onto documents such as an identity card, voucher or ticket. Subsequently, using a device such as a camera-based mobile phone, this datamatrix can be read and compared to the holder of the document to verify identity.

There will be a major player that will come out with a 2d code generator site. When people realize how easy it is to create one and then link to a specific (site, phone number, SMS), mass adoption will occur.

I see 2d code registration/creation as the next boom to occur with mobile phones.

Who makes money from this? I don't know, but I do think that linking the physical world with a mobile phone will offer plenty of lucrative business ideas.

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