Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Abaxia Offers Great 2d Code Mobile Campaign

This is a great viral mobile marketing idea using a physical world hyperlink.

Abaxia, a physical world connection player has found a great way to get people to scan a datamatrix code using their camera phone for more information.

Kelly Clarkson, Shakira or any of the big name music artists could create a viral campaign that would get a code reading application on a mobile phone.

Abaxia brings music industry into Mobile Tag era

Abaxia , a leading specialist in embedded mobile software solutions, is set to take the music industry by storm with its new technology, by including a MobileTag voucher with every copy of leading French singer Garou's new CD, released on June 12th.

When scanned with a camera-phone, the Tag will give Garou fans the chance to win an exclusive meeting with the artist during his show in Paris in November.

"Sony BMG is happy to be able to promote and strengthen the image of its artists through the use of new technologies such as MobileTag. This technology offers new opportunities of privileged exchange between the artist and his public," says Christophe Waignier, Executive Vice President, Sony BMG.

Here's an innovative idea , why doesn't Sony offer to sell/create a 2d code for all of their artists on their packaging?

The MobileTag concept has already come to the attention of Orange, who tested it at the end 2005, and Nokia, who took part to the launching of the application in France on its 60 series handsets.

I see this type of mobile marketing campaign having so much more traction, and catering more to the consumer, than getting a free box of fries from a burger chain.

Think of all of the possibilities SONY and the artist could follow up with.


Roger said...

Hi there,
We are finally out with the Kaywa Reader.

(more things will come though)

Roger said...

Hi Scott,

We started implementing QR Codes on some of the Kaywa powered blogs:
and others (Swiss National Television blogs)
and currently the most successful blog in Switzerland (daily 8000-14'000 visitors):
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