Friday, June 16, 2006

Veritec Signs Barcode Deal With Chinese Partner

From China Knowledge U.S. barcode tech co signs Chinese deal

Veritec Inc., a U.S. barcode technology company, has signed a distribution deal with Shanghai Fang Lai Information Technology Co., a Chinese verification technology company.

Under the terms of the agreement, Shanghai Fang Lai will market and sell Veritec products in China, and translate Veritec software products for use in China.

"It was Shanghai Fang who identified and re-confirmed my belief for the need of Multi- Dimensional Matrix-Symbologies(TM) in China; and who understands the enhanced storage and data retrieval capabilities of VSCode® and VeriCode® as being essential to effective imaging and biometrics applications" said Ms Tran.

Mr Zhou of SHanghai Fang stated "We believe Veritec's VSCode® and VeriCode® Multi- Dimensional Symbologies will become the standard matrix symbols for ported applications in the future."

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Anonymous said...

China already has it's own (language) symbology containing several thousand unique (barcode??) characters so why not take a picture of character(s) and read/docode that way???