Monday, June 19, 2006

A New PWC Player?

Wonder if Metrologic and their OmniPLanar subsidiary could get into the Physical World Connection space?

Metrologic Instruments, Inc. announced today its image-processing software subsidiary, Omniplanar, Inc., is launching SwiftOCR and SwiftVerify, new software compatible with its premier two-dimensional bar code decoding engine -- SwiftDecoder.

SwiftOCR software provides high-speed optical character recognition (OCR) of capital letters, numbers and punctuation for area-imaging devices used primarily for established format applications such as reading passport and ISBN codes.

The SwiftVerify bar code verification modules quickly and accurately decodes and verifies print quality of one-dimensional bar codes.

SwiftVerify easily integrates with any Windows or embedded platform and turns any document scanner, fixed-area imager or hand-held imager into a bar code verifier


Anonymous said...

Scott, These guys are the old school players with traditional handheld devices and industrial scanners. Why mention this in the blog. As they said, these guys are selling stuff for desktop scanners and the like. They have nothing to offer for the camera phone world.

Ron said...

Anonymous, guess you are wrong here. Pioneers in PWC technology in 1999 where a spinn off from a traditional Scanner Company in Europe. On the other hand I think you are right, market aproach in Ratail Auto-ID is way different then phone companies.

Regards, Ron