Thursday, June 29, 2006

Reverse Physical World Connection Stops Scalpers

Let's call this reverse Physical World Connection. Instead of the camera on the phone resolving the barcode, the mobile phone will be "carrying" the barcode to be resolved.

There will be many forms of Physical World Connection. In this case, a barcode is delivered to mobile phone thru SMS, and a barcode scanner at the venue reads the mobile phone screen. The cell phone has the "barcode" on it and becomes the physical world object.

From 160 Characters m-Payment; Ticketmaster goes mobile

Ticket buyers will be able to receive their event tickets directly to their registered mobile phone as an SMS, which includes a unique barcode that is valid for entry to the event.

One MobileTicket and corresponding barcode is delivered per order and that MobileTicket is valid for the full number of tickets purchased in that single account transaction. The MobileTicket barcode is scanned at the venue’s point of entry when the party of attendees arrives together at the event.

The mobile ticketing solution is provided by Mobiqa

Why will this be big?

Nokia UK’s head of marketing Simon Lloyd reckons that m-tickets could eventually kill off the hated ticket touts who hang around outside gigs. “It’s removing the element of ticket touts,” he says. “It’s a secure environment, so you can’t pass these tickets on and can’t hack in. Paper tickets are always open to abuse


Anonymous said...

A great idea. Although will it trigger a rise in phone theft near gig venues?

Scott Shaffer said...

Good thinking.