Thursday, June 22, 2006

Location Based Advertising Showdown Coming

Not so fast there Google.

As Google starts to implement Google Talk and free Wi-Fi for more advertising revenue streams, they might just have an obstacle in their way from the boys in Redmond.

See the New American Business Model now?

Innovation Fund offers location based patents exclusively to Microsoft

Innovation Fund LLC (http://www.innfund), which already has patents issued in the field of Location Based Advertising, has been developing proposals to go to the leaders in the field, which include Microsoft, Google, and Time Warner, as well as the telecom companies.

The Innovation Fund basic patent has been granted and there are continuations-in-part that are current. In making the determination to present a proposal for exclusivity to Microsoft first, Innovation Fund was obviously aware of Google’s openly stated objectives to WiFi cities in exchange for location based advertising.

The Innovation Fund patents quite some time ago envisioned the fact that people not only can be located by geopositioning but contacted, changing the face of retailing.

"We are not going to be bugging people with 25 cent offers.

"Shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment venues and the travel industry will be able to give consumers great bargains on items that otherwise would lose value.

Tickets to a game that is not sold out can be directed to a passing car making the customer an ‘offer he can’t refuse,’”

Now THAT'S mobile marketing.

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hi scott, nice post on location based advertising.

you might want to check out . Its not available on mobile phones though!

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