Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ABBYY Offers 2D Code Toolkit

Add ABBYY and their optical character recognition toolkit to the Physical World Connection list.

Have you noticed how the list is growing faster in the last couple months? I have said many times that this space is too big for just a couple players.

I expect to see some of the bigger names be added to the list shortly.

ABBYY Mobile OCR SDK is an OS-independent, small code-size OCR development toolkit specially designed for creating OCR solutions running on mobile devices or in "instant OCR" applications. It can be integrated into any mobile application or platform including Windows Mobile, Symbian, and LINUX, as well as into PC utilities.

With OCR on a mobile phone, photos of business cards can be converted in to text for direct storage into phone books. Clippings from magazines or other documents can be converted and sent via email or SMS.

The quicker consumers are able to create their own 2d codes and scan them, the quicker we can see what other applications (besides price comparison) will be adopted.

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