Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Innofone A Physical World Connection Player

Add Innofone to the Physical World Connection list.

I missed this story when Innofone acquired 2D code player Mobile Technology Group.

Mobile Technology Group just did a 2D code mobile ticketing campaign with Twelve Horses. 2D Data Matrix barcodes were delivered to mobile phones. They also provided a mobile ticketing campaign for Las Vegas Monorail

Quoting the release:
"Square in shape and made up of a pattern of smaller black squares, they are replacing with greater frequency the 1D barcodes found on cereal boxes and scanned in supermarkets everywhere.

2D Data Matrix barcodes are much more compact, can contain far more encrypted information, and are less likely to be misread. In other words, it's able to send more information in a smaller space more reliably with greater security and accuracy

See why 2D codes will be adopted first?


Larry said...

I thought Gavitec provided the tech behind the Las Vegas monorail project.

Anonymous said...

You know, that press release would inspire more confidence if it had used the correct word, "encoded" instead of "encrypted" data.

You wonder who would have approved such a release, and how savvy any of them might be?

Scott Shaffer said...

According to the release the Vegas system used MTG and Swiftpass