Thursday, August 25, 2005

GoogleTalk Speaks Volumes

Looking closer at Google's Talk, I realize they are in the process of dominating the mobile space as well. One of the ways to get GoogleTalk is is if you have Gmail (or are invited for a Gmail account).

Now you can get a Gmail account AND GoogleTalk if you just give Google your mobile number. What a smart way to not only to get people to sign up, but to get a mobile phone number database.

Some people are worried what Google will do when they have your mobile number. That's the beauty with mobile marketing. The FCC has issue rules prohibiting companies from sending commercial messages to wireless devices without the user's permission.

To sign up for a Gmail account. They will send a text message back on your phone that you use to open your Gmail account on the PC.

My thinking is this, if Google does become the preeminent mobile player, and they continue offering these fantastic services, I want to AT LEAST register my name for a Gmail account now.

Kind of like a mini mobile land rush.

At any time you want out, just reply with STOP or END. I can't see Google DOING ANYTHING TO JEOPARDIZE this valuable gem.

Things I see Google does with this if they create a mobile messenger.

Google would have a permanent search window on your mobile for search, IM, or VOIP.

Google SMS would be incorporated into this search window.

Google would keep track of all of your mobile search requests in your Gmail that you could review later on the big screen.

See an interesting product and want more info? Type in the barcode or take a picture and send to Google SMS. Get info back on the product and that info is stored in your Gmail account under "Things I Mobile Googled Today".

Type in the phone number in search window and connect using VOIP (with all of the dark fiber they have been buying).

I would love to know how many Gmail accounts there and how many people sign up using this mobile invite.

Some people are starting to say Google is taking over the role as being hated like Microsoft. No way!!! I CHOOSE TO USE Google's services. The options for an operating system are pretty limited when you buy a new PC.

Microsoft should be worried, very worried about this.


Anonymous said...

How do you see the potential for wifi tv for Google mobile?

Anonymous said...

What the heck is microsoft's problem? They need to get their mobile OS on phones YESTERDAY. They're going to be late late late to this game and it could be too late. RIMM kicked their butt, and Google is likely to beat the dead horse.

All that blustery talk from BillG about how they're going to dominate mobile and that Google can't sustain their income - yea whatever Bill.

Vangorilla, what's your take on MSFT's slow approach to the mobile space?

No Name said...

I have tried numerous times to present my ideas to MSFT on how to tackle the Mobile OS space.

I even introduced them to a couple companies I think can facilitate this, both from a technology angle and an IP one too.

What I think you're seeing is a big company that is close to a panic stage. MSFT panicking?..youre kidding.

Have you seen how many potential billion dollar apps Google has introduced just in the last 6 mos?

MSFT missed 3 major multi-billion dollar applications: auction (eBay), they missed travel (Priceline, Orbitz), they missed search (Google)

I will repeat what Bill Gates said publicy "Google is kicking our ass"...

Google is hungry and they have GREAT FEEL for what applications people want and will adopt quickly. They also provide easy access to them.

Answer quick..what is MSFT's search engine website?

What is Google's?
Pretty hard to sell a product if people can't even find your store.

MSFT has the cash, but do they have the hunger?

I think Google is setting up an infrastructure that is starting to concern some major players.

Anonymous said...

When a company's name becomes a verb in the marketplace, then that's a very good sign of public acceptance.

Today, it's "I googled"

What will the verb be for cell phone navigation and shopping through Google when the public finally accepts it?



No Name said...

Naaah not Froogle.

Price comparison won't be a huge hit for mobile imo.

Something that "turns on" a physical object and makes it searchable...that's the killer app. The verb that identifies it will be the new Google.

When a cell phone provides internet capability to a physical object, the information possibilities are endless.

Google opened up the world to information by using a PC, transfer that ability to the physical world.. see how it grows exponentially?