Thursday, August 17, 2006

What Does Google Do With Google Coupons?

It looks like Google is one step closer to being the one stop shop for all forms and mediums involving advertising.

With a little help from technology, Google could become a mobile marketing powerhouse.

First Google needs to build an option on the Google menu for "COUPONS" and the owner of that coupon would pay Google for every coupon printed from a "coupon search". A coupon is just a different type of keyword with a barcode.

I call it Pay-Per-Coupon

The user, after finding the coupon he wants, inputs his mobile number and coupon (2d code or 1d code/barcode) is sent to the phone for in store scanning. Google then builds a database of numbers for their mobile marketing platform.

Google is just starting to work with coupons online.

As soon as 1d code (barcode) can be sent via MMS, I see Google owning the mobile couponing space.

In the mean time, I see them buying a 2d code application company and being "the" mobile marketing company of choice.


Anonymous said...

I see more 'click fraud' potential with the Google couponing you suggest--who benefits from that? No, nobody should get 'paid' unless the coupon is redeemed legitimately IMO and it should be used for LOYALTY building and NEW CUSTOMER generation. (Companies aren't in the business of giving away/discounting product you know just to do it. The brands will want something of value in return.) BTW, do you think couponing will be as big or bigger than price comparison, PP?

No Name said...

How much click fraud will you get when a coupon is sent to a mobile and is scanned at the store?

I think it's a great way to keep track of follow thru.

Google would only get paid if coupon is scanned. Maybe there's a kicker if the coupon at least gets delivered to phone.

Couponing will be much bigger than price comparison. Couponing can use all mediums and involves the budgets of corporations.

Price comparison is just for consumers.

Anonymous said...

A brand can put 'coupons' on its own dotmobi site--why pay Google anything? A brand can make the coupon(s) offered based on contextual info (time/date/location/demographics/preferences) info. Brands clearly want a DIRECT relationship with customers and prospects, not another opportunuity to pay Google more money IMO. Hey Mr. Softie, what say you? PP, what could Microsoft do to counter Google's moves here?

No Name said...

Last I checked Google was the most frequented search engine.

I am sure there are sites that will offer, and do, coupons sent to your phone. However, when I am looking for a coupon on a Sony DVD player tell me what site I should visit? Maybe I should do a Google?

From what I've seen, the brands can't even master a simple SMS campaign. Besides giving away a free coffee or $10K, they have yet to "engage" their customers.

It is this reason they need Google for the platform and the creativity.

Google is at the top of the pyramid of search/advertising.

They will stay there until MSFT gets some vision and utilizes their mobile OS.

Dean Collins said...

Google coupons whilst interesting offers far less revenue opportunity than a mobile only solution.

The issue with google at the moment is the fraud potential due to the higher cost per intereaction over google ads.

The competing solution to googles click to call
is the perfect example of how googles technology is flawed.

With browser to handset delivery (rather than the amatureish attempt of callback that google uses) is far less prone to fraud as you cant sidestep the initiation.

I'm surprised people haven't been taking google to task on this issue more often.


Anonymous said...

kool idea

No Name said...

How does click fraud factor into coupons?

The payment would occur when a coupon is presented, not when it is sent to a mobile.

Unless call centers are installing barcode scanning terminals, I don't see how click fraud would factor here.