Monday, January 30, 2006

Google Patents Mobile Click-To-Call Ads

Search Engine Watch has a story about Google looking to patent a method to provide click-to-call advertising on mobile phones.

Notice how patents and intellectual property are playing a bigger role in all forms of advertising.

The patent application

ClickZ has a good summary of what this means for mobile click-to-call ads.

The application describes a process that takes into consideration a device's screen size, connection speed, and input capabilities to determine if it would be better to serve an ad with a link to a Web page or one that causes the phone or other mobile device to place a phone call to the advertiser.

"Everybody talks about pay-per-call in wireless as a natural business model," Greg Sterling, program director at the Kelsey Group, told ClickZ News."

Google has long offered a WAP version of its search engine, but it hasn't yet distributed its AdWords ads on mobile search pages

See the whole blog summary

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