Friday, August 19, 2005

Froogle Goes Mobile

From MacWorld Google offers Froogle Mobile

Google UK has revealed Froogle Mobile, a price-checking service for mobile phones. Type in

Based on Google's search technology, the service offers Froogle's full complement of price ranges and comparison and shop and product ratings and reviews.

The service means high-street shoppers can quickly check to see if a better bargain is available online.

I went to Froogle Mobile and typed in a barcode 042283156326. I got several listings of online retailers that sell it pretty cheap.

I still think price comparison shopping using a mobile phone will never take off and is a big waste of optical character recognition technology, but I also thought.."why do I need download software to scan a barcode when I can just type in the number?"

I know what the other price comparison services will say about Froogle mobile, "they don't provide a way to click to the online retailer and buy, we do".

There HAS TO BE ANOTHER reason to "turn on" a physical object besides price comparison.

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