Thursday, April 28, 2005

Will That Be Cash Or Cell Pt 2.

It's coming. NTT DoCoMo 30% plus stake in a credit card company is making more and more sense. The cell phone is becoming the remote control for your life.

In a sign that the cell phone is now turning into a credit card. from CR80 MasterCard's OnsSmart Paypass technology links with Moneta in South Korea .

MasterCard's expansion in South Korea with its OneSMART PayPass signifies the credit card giant's roll out of not only its new payment technology, but also a new role in cell phone payment processes

Moneta is a smart chip-installed mobile payment service that allows customers to make payments with smart chip-inserted cellular phones. According to SK Telecom, Moneta is a "wired and wireless integrated service" that lets its customers "access a variety of financial services" via their cell phones. Some of these services include stock trading, financing, investments, insurance financing, and financial consultation among others.

To get a better of idea of what country to watch, John Battelle has a great story on it.

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