Thursday, September 14, 2006

China Mobile Offers QR Codes For "Mobile" Campaign

From Pacific Epoch China Mobile uses barcode for train ticketing

China Mobile plans to test a train ticketing system using its bar code e-commerce service QRcode in Beijing in October, reports National Business Daily. With the correct handset QRcode, users can get on trains without having paper tickets.

Just last month China Mobile hooked up with Google and Nokia to provide a physical world connection application.

By placing QR codes on billboards next to train platforms, inside the trains and in local newspapers you have a "captive audience" to interact with.

How long before Google introduces a 2d code creating application for advertisers and mobile users?

Nobody answered my question yesterday "Who has an ecommerce and shipping platform and just added a telecom infrastructure?" correctly.

You will find a clue here

See how the physical world connection platform is being built?

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