Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Google One Step Closer To Physical World Connection

First Google teamed up with China Mobile and Nokia to introduce QR codes for search.

Next Google teams up with eBay to deliver Internet advertising.

Now the largest ecommerce site introduces a QR code service.

The next logical step is for the largest Internet advertiser to introduce a QR code creating site or application. Do you see the pieces coming together now?

From PacificEpoch Amazon promoted QR code service with China Mobile .

Amazon's China subsidiary Joyo recently partnered with China Mobile to promote China Mobile's bar code service QRcode on Joyo's shopping platform, reports Ccidnet.

China Mobile users can search for information on books by going to Joyo's WAP site and inputing the book's QRcode information. Joyo and China Mobile have already begun promoting QRcode in print ads and with discounted QRcode tickets in 11 subway stations in Beijing

I still say that Google is one step away from being "the" mobile marketing player and this will have a big impact on the physical world connection companies.

Any of these PWC companies that is planning on using 2d codes for their business, should be concerned in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

"The next logical step is for the largest Internet advertiser to introduce a QR code creating site"

Why not use your "myqode" site Scott?


Scott Shaffer said...

I originally had a number of creative ideas for that site, and various ways to introduce physical world connection, but Visionary is not an eleemosynary institution.

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott, I definitely agree with the general trend of QR code adoption.

But let me play devil's advocate here for a second: Why Google? If anything the news story points out that Amazon, or any other player, can roll out similar services. Why do they need Google when there are free scripts available on the web for encoding information into QR code?

In other words, how can Google make itself indispensable?

And if the users can get the URL or other info from the QR codes directly, they have no motivation to "search" for information using Google. If you could give me some examples of QR code business processes that makes Google indispensable I will be more convinced.

For example, Google as a search engine is indispensable in the AdSense business process, and therefore they profit. What business process involving QR code can guarantee that Google get paid?

Looking forward to your reply.

Scott Shaffer said...

2d code readers are a dime a dozen.

Why Google?
A 2d code links a physical object to electronic content.

What/who does the best job of providing content for Internet searches?

XYZ could introduce a terrific 2d code reader and offer to create 2d codes for advertisers and consumers. They may even charge the advertisers for these codes.

But unless XYZ has a bigger reputation of being able to find relevant information AND NOT ADVERTISING, I see Google winning.

I envision Google offering a free 2d code application and using their own codes for mobile marketing/physical world connection.

Why would anyone pay for it?

Then Google starts selling keywords that allow direct connection function on the phone.

Between Google Talk, Wi-Fi and other soon-to-be released applications, simply type "Starbucks" on your phone to get a latte.

It will start by doing this

Scott Shaffer said...

Let me clarify.
"Between Google Talk, Wi-Fi and other soon-to-be released
applications, simply type "Starbucks" on your phone to get a latte"

Google has the ability to do this by themselves, they dont need an oustide application.

So can AOL or Yahoo.

There's nothing magical about typing in a specific word and being directed to a website.

It comes down to mobile info versus mobile search.

Google will sells specific keywords for a mobile info application.

There are 2 ways this will work.

Type pizza in the Google mobile window, and based on your location, the company that "bought" the word pizza in that zipcode(s) (or Google feels is the most relevant aka AdSense)will get a user directed to their site.

That is why I think Google is very close to being "the" mobile marketing company of choice shortly.

Scott Shaffer said...

You might want to see what Google announced yesterday.

One step closer to being a mobile markting powerhouse.