Monday, September 25, 2006

4INFO Offers Mobile Information And Mobile Marketing


I have to hand it to the guys at 4INFO , they are building a mobile information/marketing "portal" the right way. They started off by introducing a shortcode service for useful information (stock quotes, scores, weather etc) and not advertising, using their shortcode (44636).

Give something away for free and let people get familiar with the name 4INFO and the shortcode 44636. There are hundreds of shortcodes and you want people to remember yours without having to see it on a ad.

Now that they have Gannett (USA Today) on board as an investor , they can let the paper's advertisers start using keywords nationally and make the USA Today newspaper interactive.

They are now using their SMS platform as a mobile marketing tool.

A first for the mobile industry, Open Platform allows developers, content owners, and individuals to leverage 4INFO's search infrastructure to make information and applications of their choosing accessible on 4INFO's SMS and WAP search platform by anyone with a cell phone


Anonymous said...

Have to agree with you. They're doing it right. Nice site, great layout, and many great services clearly explained and easy to use.
Texting is the wave and they're riding way out ahead of their competitors. I've used them all and 4info has by far the most useful features and spot-on results.
You can sign up and create shortcuts for frequent searches, create alerts and most recently (as you pointed out) distribute web content via texting messaging to cell phones.

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