Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Next Real Estate Market To Invest In.

Experts have said the real estate market is frothy and values are hard to find. I have discovered some real estate that is going to be invaluable soon.

Want to know where it is?

Oceanfront property? No it's four square inches.

From The NY As cellphones bulk up, how much is too much? .

There is a digital land rush going on, driven by rapid advances in technology that make it possible to put more and more tools of higher and higher quality into phones.

The recognition that talk is only part of the cellphone's future -that it is becoming a personal window into an evolving blend of communications, computing and media - has the existing players in the cellphone market scrambling, and new entrants looking for a way in.

In surveys of cellphone users, respondents say there are three things they always take with them when they leave home: wallet, keys and cellphone.

The wallet will merge into the cellphone with a contactless credit card application .

MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are in trials with Nokia and Motorola for this feature. One reason why I stated credit card companies and service providers should get together.

Yes those four square inches will be very valuable to the companies that figure out how to make a consumer friendly application and the advertisers that get permission.

Imagine if search engines had to get permission to advertise when you did a search on your PC. Would advertisers get creative to reach you?

They will have to now.


TAG said...

In Japan, cell phones are growing in size and people are buying them. They are putting functionality ahead of small form factor. That trend is coming to the US slowly but surely.

The contactless payment systems are going to take longer, I think. The problem is that the infrastructure is expensive and someone is going to have to pay to put that in place. Look back 3 or 4 years and think about SmartCards replacing the common mag-stripe credit card. No one will argue that SmartCards are more secure, but no company was willing to invest and build out the infrastructure.

Contactless payment is cool and I can't wait, but I don't see anyone stepping up to build out the infrastructure yet. Who has the incentive? Banks, no. Credit card companies, no. Retailers, no. Cell phone networks, maybe - but only if they get part of each transaction.

Sorry to be skeptical, but I just don't see it coming as soon as I want.

Scott Shaffer said...

Credit card companies have done studies that show they get 20% more transactions with a contactless card, and the value of transaction was up 20% too.
I think there's enough incentive for credit card companies to push this.
As far as too costly for the retailer? McDonalds adds 1 percent point for every 6 seconds they save at checkout.