Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Personalized Marketing With RFID

From The Target marketing via RFID to debut in Seattle .

Some cafes and retail stores in Seattle next week will begin individually marketing products and services to bypassers in Seattle using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology.

Users of the personalized marketing system carry an active RFID tag roughly the size of a stack of four credit cards. When the tag comes within 100 feet of a transmitter sending low frequency signals at 126 kilohertz, the tag transmits a unique identification signal to a receiver connected to a monitoring and execution server.

Substitute the "stack of four credit cards" with a cell phone. Combine an RFID tag inside (it could be a credit card or passport) with the GPS function and you get personalized advertising.

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Phil Dunn - said...

This sounds like something I worked on several years ago -- it was called Smart-Wallet or something like that (by a co called Brokat).

Essentially, it was software on a cell phone that generated a barcode of your credit card or debit card info (The checker would scan that, and then you'd input your PIN via your phone's keypad), allowing you to pay easily via phone.

The software also included loyalty program data (your account for Ralph's Club, for example). And based on this loyalty data, a local SMS broadcast would ping your phone with coupons and promos as you shopped the store. So when you got to the check out, you'd have all the coupons in your phone (if you bought the products), and you'd be off and running.

Lots of ways to get interactive with the customer with a system like this. I'm not sure why it didn't take off.