Monday, May 23, 2005

The "One Thing"

In my best Curly from City Slicker impersonation I say it's all about "one thing".
What is that one thing that changes this prized fight?

From USA Today Cable, phone companies duke it out for customers .

At stake: the future of the Living Room, which has come to symbolize the long-anticipated convergence of phone, TV and high-speed Internet. The Bells' embrace of video is good news for consumers, says Dominic Endicott, a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton.

There is one thing that changes the playing field. Any guesses?

The answer lies in that one paragraph above.


Somedumbguy said...

both cable and bell technology is being left behind as 3G, etc. brings all of this functionality to the phone network.

Scott Shaffer said...

I beg to might want to check out Cingular's comments today...oops maybe a lil longer than expected.

There is technology that can give 3G a run for its money today...Can you see how quickly it can be implemented..I can