Monday, May 16, 2005

A Huge Gasp Is Heard This Morning

There's a news story that came out this morning that will have many companies gasping as to how their business will be affected. Yes, some should be worried, very worried.

This story will also open some enormous business opportunities.

No, it's not the MSN desktop search story, that pales in comparison to this disruptive one.

Don't post the story as a comment because I won't confirm or deny it there publicly.

Email me at vangorilla at aol dot com if you think you found it and why it's so big.

I am looking for guys that get "it".


Anonymous said...

Sprint and Microsoft Join Forces to Deliver Real-Time Location Services to U.S. Businesses
platform ...)

Anonymous said...

maybe, just maybe, microsoft and sprint will have a big deal with neomedia to emerge as a dominant front in the mobile search arena?

Anonymous said...

So what is it?

Chris W. said...

Posted by: yellowjacket on iHub
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Date:5/16/2005 3:58:34 PM
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I read the WSJ every morning...the only 'disruptive' article I noted was in Section B1 in the west coast addition:
"Some Drug Makers Are Starting to Curtail TV Ad Spending"
My immediate thought was....well, just wait and see what happens to all media advertising (not just for drugs) once NEOM's PaperClick is rolled out...hmmmm
If my lifeblood involved revenue from advertising (of any kind) that headline would sure make me start thinking what/who's next?.....

;-) yellowjacket over and out

Anonymous said...

If it's public knowledge... why the big nondisclousure about it? I don't get it.

Dmitri said...

I think this has to be it :

Where do u think this is leading to ?


Anonymous said...