Monday, May 09, 2005

The Pondering Never Stops, But The Blogging Will Take A Short Break

While the blogging will take a short break, the pondering will be working overtime.

When I read Smart Mobs, I knew another industry was being created, perhaps the biggest ever. I wanted to be a part of it, because Phase2 of the Internet would be more exciting and lucrative than Phase 1. I also know that Phase 2will create new companies, and also have a profound impact on the current tech giants.

After speaking with Howard Rheingold I started offering some of my ideas to him. Howard suggested that I become a contributor to his blog, which I did, and I enjoyed it. However, all I did was blog Smart Mob related news stories, but that didn’t offer a way to express MY ideas.

While this blogging was going on, I was getting in touch with Microsoft, Google and other companies I felt would be interested in my ideas. Back then, only Robert Scoble from Microsoft listened. Scoble suggested I start a blog. He thought the ideas I presented and the interesting questions I raised would get more attention in a public forum

Hence, The Pondering Primate.

Pondering and writing are my passion. Pondering leads me to endless ideas, ideas I feel are invaluable to the right companies. I offered ideas to search engines, operating system companies, media companies, advertising agencies, brands and service providers. I have shared only a fraction of these on my blog.

As a result of this creativity, opportunities are being presented to me. These opportunities will take some time to review.

So while the blogging will take a short break, the pondering will be working overtime.

I can still be reached at vangorilla at aol dot com

Thank you Howard , Robert and John for the doors that you have opened.

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