Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Games Without Frontiers

A good story that hints at where advertising dollars will flow to, but it misses the big ticket.

From MediaWeek It's Game On .

The games console has journeyed from the geek’s bedroom to the family’s front room.

Hiding underneath millions of TV sets across the country, games consoles are poised to emerge as the next key advertising medium, an influential channel for targeting mostly young and affluent people.

Close, but not the true big picture...anyone see it?

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Somedumbguy said...

This article brings up a couple of interesting thoughts.

1. will people even notice the advertising?
Ads have become so ubiquitous that I doubt that most people would really notice if they were picking up a coke or a pepsi can.

2. how will advertising play in the MMORPG world?
Most of those type of gamers would shun an area of the game that was too commercial.

3. the fastest growing gaming is portable gaming.
They kind of ignored that

4. This sentence was scary for the privacy wonks out there --> "In a few years' time, it's likely all electronic media in millions of UK living rooms could be identifiable by IP address and advertising messages served regionally, or even, one day, by audience type, on this basis."

I believe that there will be a dramatic increase in in-game advertising over the next few years. I don't think that that advertisers will see the impact that this article suggests.

Topic tangent -- wouldn't it be cool if you had a game on your cell phone that used advertising for stores that were nearby? What if you beat a level and then got a coupon that you could use at Starbucks -- conveniently located 2 blocks away. Hmmm.