Friday, May 20, 2005

This Is Getting Interesting

From Electric Roundups .

The Financial Times reports that chipmaker Broadcom, is attempting to secure an injunction stopping Qualcomm, its larger competitor, from selling a variety of mobile phone chips that it claims infringes its patents.

The papers says the litigation is a new stage in an intellectual property war between chip companies trying to grab a share of the potential profits from third-generation mobile phones.

Is 3G really the end all?


Anonymous said...

Good point. Next year we'll see Wimax unfold to tie all wi-fi spots together, sort of...
With a wi-fi mobile you can already connect to pstn-numbers and vice versa...the 911 problem is just a temp hickup IMO...
So why still bet on 3g, EVDO, HSDPA?
I may be missing something here, but what if Wimax sells and spreads like wildfire just as Wi-fi did?


Scott Shaffer said...

Exactly..What if?
What if it does, who has the power then and what technologies will be deployed??

Somedumbguy said...

What if is an interesting question, but my thoughts are centered around how?
Today wi-fi has spread into both the home and the commercial world. You can setup a wi-fi network at home or you can access one at your local Starbucks. Starbucks provides the network as a cost of doing business, but you don't with your home systems.
For WiMax to reach a saturation point, there need to be a concentration of hotspots that are open to the technology. Who is going to put those in place? you? Starbucks?
Today, outside of large cities, public wi-fi availability is fairly slim. On the other hand, cell phone providers have built extensive networks that reach at least everwhere there is a major highway. IMO, that is why you bet on 3g, EVDO, etc.
WiMax is going to be a great technology for businesses. The ability to provide employees with phones that utilize the wi-fi network when it is available will provide cost savings and flexibility. However, from a pure consumer point of view, hotspot saturation is going to be a big deal.

To answer Vangorilla's question...I think the major carriers will be the ones that put up the hotspots and offer WiMax/wi-fi access as part of a cell plan. The data will run over their EVDO, etc. data networks.

Scott Shaffer said...

Good summary, however, wi-fi ubiquity is not as hard to achieve as you think.
How will it be achieved? Ahhh that's the 64k question..stay tuned.