Thursday, May 26, 2005

Desperate Telcos Need IPTV

From Red Desperate Telcos Push IPTV market .

U.S. telcos are rolling out IPTV services faster than carriers around the world as a result of the fierce cable battle in the U.S. market, a panel of industry executives said Wednesday.

The competition between U.S. cable companies and telcos to dominate the digital pipeline into homes is driving carriers to roll out IPTV defensively to avoid losing customers to cable. The result is that U.S. carriers are making massive investments in an industry in which too many operators are fighting over too few customers.

Cable companies could do one thing and have the Telcos for lunch. Know what it is?


Anonymous said...

offer mobile phones?

Scott Shaffer said...

Partially right..that's the end result. How can they do this?
Who wins and who loses when they do?