Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Gee, No GPS.

From Cnet Microsoft touts real-time location service .

Rajesh gets it.

Microsoft is making the package available in the United States through cell phone operator Sprint, which has integrated the MapPoint Location Server into its network and sells handsets with GPS (Global Positioning System) location capabilities.

Combine a GPS function and MS new mobile OS and things start to heat up.

I see a little bead of sweat on Google's brow.

Want to know the companies/applications that will play a role in this?


Anonymous said...

okay, now here is an instance where neomedia absolutely has to be the answer to your question. Their mobile/GPS patent has to be honored here. The question I have is, since neomedia acquired this patent recently, why didn't msft and other companies outbid them - it would have been easy to outbid neomedia considering they're such a small company. Will msft try to "get around" the patent?

Somedumbguy said...

OMG...I've been to your site. I've looked at your product roster. Please stop posting about Neomedia!