Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Single Most Important Medium People Have

From The Why mobile advertising will be more important than TV advertising .

Another great story from Mike Masnick.

In a sign that advertisers are finally recognizing that mobile spam doesn't work, one big advertising agency outlines the challenges in making people want to get mobile advertising.

You have no way to interrupt because they can choose what they can do. The opportunity is if you can create some content that they want to engage with, they can do that all of the time from anywhere

In other words, the whole mindset behind the entire advertising industry needs to change from one that's about getting as many eyeballs on the ad as possible to getting people to actually want to see the ad.

I don't know of it's "wanting to see the ad" or it's getting an advertisement in addition to the info you request. It's a tradeoff.

As Robertson says: "we are rapidly getting to the point where the single most important medium that people have is their wireless device. It's with them every single moment of the day." The challenge, which Robertson appears to see clearly, is figuring out a way to include advertising in that context

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