Tuesday, May 17, 2005

You Say Tomato I Say Tomato

Sometimes when you're looking for one nugget you find another. I think credit cards in the cell phone is a big event coming.

From GlobeandMail.com Will that be cash or wallet phone? .

People take three things with them when they leave the house: their wallet, their phone, and their car keys or house keys,” says Nathan Rosenberg, Virgin Mobile Canada LLC's chief marketing officer.

“They haven't really seen the link between the phone and the wallet". I talk about my credit card/cell phone ideas here .

Virgin Mobile, for example, is scheduled to start a pilot program over the next few months that would let its subscribers download a bar code to their cellphones.

There's a battle going on with the barcode scanning ability that I've talked about before. I even stated some suggestions for Virgin and how they could become a mobile music powerhouse here . I don't know how they could be starting a pilot program while still in suit.

The story is getting interesting. It's a little sad that Canada has to be first adopter of this technology though.

p.s. I haven't announced "the" story yet because I'm hoping it gets picked up in some of the tech rags today.

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