Thursday, May 05, 2005

Microsoft Changes Its Spots

I'm trying to get a handle on this. Microsoft is now licensing their intellectual property. Microsoft is also on a patent filing binge too. On the other side of the coin, they are backing an organization (EFF) that is against some pretty broad patents.

Is this the "new American business model" ? Buy up IP and license it out?

You can't produce IP with cheap labor in another country. More companies are enforcing their IP (Ampex, Research In Motion, Intergraph). Plenty of pondering has been done already on this.

I will have a story on this soon and what I think is happening.

From Microsoft to offer technology licensing .

Usually known for closely guarding the rights to its technology, Microsoft touts its new program as a bid to help startups by giving them access to fruits of the company's research and development arm.

"If we pull this off, if we're able to collaborate effectively ... we can create new companies and new jobs," said David Harnett, senior director of Microsoft's Intellectual Property Ventures

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing what you say about this, and hoping you'll finally address neomedia technologies and their IP.