Friday, May 20, 2005

Will Goofy Say Aloha?

I'm off this weekend for the Florida Half IronMan race on Sunday.

This is "only" a half IronMan, and the racing style is much different. The full IronMan is total endurance, a slow and steady with some sprinting on the bike. A half Ironman is a total sprint for four and a half hours. The trick is balancing your aerobic/anaerobic threshold. When it gets out of balance, call it a day.

My bib number is 925 and race updates are HERE .

If any of you happen to have seen the IronMan World Championship on TV a couple weeks ago, this race in Disney could allow me to get there in October.

Would love to race in Kona .

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Anonymous said... all i can say.
"Keep the balance" ;-)