Friday, May 27, 2005

Killer App Phone?

From Wired News Carriers dally on Wi-Fi phones .

There was a time when high costs ensured that cell phones were only used by people out of the range of a fixed-line phone

Now, mobile-phone manufacturers are looking to add another feature that could prompt customers to ditch their land lines. A new generation of handsets will allow people to make ultra-low-cost calls using their cellular handsets over wireless broadband networks.

Developers of software for so-called dual-mode phones, which can switch automatically between traditional cellular and wireless broadband networks for voice calls, are aggressively pushing the technology to carriers. So far, no U.S. carrier has announced plans to deploy a dual-mode Wi-Fi phone.

The Phone .

Who can implement this? Who has this technology?..Stay Tuned


Anonymous said...

Calypso Wireless?



redsoxfan said...

Koko, Calypso wireless was my thought as well. I wonder about it as an investment. Pink sheets, ugh...