Friday, May 20, 2005

IPTV Another Disruptive Technology

I said this was a technology to watch a while back and gave my insights I Want My IPTV . There are a lot of applications that come from this. has a great story about it today The Real Meaning Of IPTV .

Today, amid the hard-fought battle for the living room, the hottest topic in the world of communications and networking is the emergence of IPTV

ME TV. Why is it superior? Because it means a service provider can deliver a much more personalized entertainment experience to customers.

Because the network is extremely secure and has the ability to synthesize all sorts of information regarding the consumer's preferences, it's an excellent platform on which to add e-commerce, advertising, and other capabilities.

See where this is going? What would be the best way to play this space, TV's, chips for set top boxes, operating software for programming OR the recurring delivery theme.

Remember I said yesterday that cable companies could dominate the wireless communications space by doing one thing? See who holds the cards here?

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