Monday, May 02, 2005

Is That A Jingle In Your RFID Tag Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

From RFID Weblog Jingle in an RFID tag .

When you buy something at the shops, would you want to hear an advertising jingle for the product ring out across the store as the cashier scans your purchase?

Florian Wesch, a computer science student from Durlach in Germany, has worked out a way to store a tune on the radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags now attached to most goods.

When the tag is scanned at the checkout, it would send the tune to be played by the tag reader.

I see lots of advertising opportunities here. Wave your RFID reading cell phone and hear a song on your phone. Wave the reader to see if you have won a prize, sound notification.

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TAG said...

I've read several plans that include a user being marketed to during their offline shopping experience via cell phone. Do you really think this is going to happen outside of Japan?

I wonder if people will really want this. As an ubergeek, I love the idea of scanning things as I shop, then synching with the automated checkout machine...but I don't know if I can sell my Mom on that idea.

And I'll shut off my phone if I have to hear a product jingle every time that I pass a product on the shelf.


Scott Shaffer said...

The last thing a brand wants to do is make u hate their product. Everything in moderation, but lots of creative opportunities.

Anonymous said...

I ask again

Why don't you ever just come out and say it clear and plain as day?

Most of these posts are about the potential of neomedia technologies patent portfolio.

neomedia will most likely be a major catalyst in the next giant cultural and technological wave.

why is it that you never mention them directly?