Thursday, May 05, 2005

Suggestion For Google Lab Guys

I get Google alerts emailed throughout the day. Some days the mail can be pretty overwhelming, but I read every of them.

My suggestion is this. Can Google offer a "stop email delivery" service for this? Can I stop my email for a determined amount of time, and deliver when I request it? This is the same concept of stopping your mail when you're out of town.

When I check my mail via my Treo and I'm traveling, the mail gets so backed up from just from my Google alerts, and I miss seeing the email that requires immediate response.

Just a thought.


TAG said...

What you're asking for is like a quiet period. THe email notifications on United Airlines site have those. Very nice.

I'd also like to see a digest mode -- send me one email at a requested time that contains anything that contains every alert since my last email.

Seth said...

looks what you may be looking for is a search powered feed that you can display at your leasure/convienience. If the service knew the last time you looked @ the feed, it could keep new stuff and send out to you next time you view the feed..

Anonymous said...

i think you guys at google should make a section for games im 15 years old and love games andd google. so i believe that if you made games it would make google a better site.

Anonymous said...

I would like to make a suggestion to Google to have demographic maps.

Scott Shaffer said...

Google demographic maps is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I was searching for a way to make a suggestion to the Gmail folks and found this site. Hope you don't mind if I post my idea here.

In some e-mail program I used to use (maybe Outlook?) I could left-click a button and choose among several pre-written signatures. I had one I used for new clients, one for old clients, one for family, etc. Wish I could have a feature or widget that allowed me to do that in gmail.