Monday, May 02, 2005

Verisign Gets Creative

From PR Newsire Verisign to sponsor first-ever industry contest for EPC and RFID development .

Like the innovative software and Web applications that promoted world-wide Internet
growth, the contest is aimed at driving a new generation of network
that help companies store, share, and secure RFID-generated data
over the EPC Network.

The Electronic Product Code (EPC) and radio frequency identification
(RFID) hold great promise for the automation of product identification within
the supply chain.

The next stage of RFID development requires data sharing among multiple partners. Tags and readers are merely the hardware used to put information into a network that can then store, share, secure and distribute that information intelligently to users upon demand.

Verisign will provide a domain address for an RFID tag. That's almost like a barcode that is directed to the Internet, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Verisign is getting involved in this contest, but I love the idea of EPC Global.

As a large logistics and transportation provider, one of the most worrisome issues surrounding the RFID hype is how to transfer the RFID information from the shipper to the receiver. Transportation companies don't benefit from knowing that their are 12 white shirts sized L in a specific box.

By allowing trading partners to post RFID and box information in another system, this relieves that transportation provider from the burden of storing and delivering data that does not provide any benefit in the delivery of the package.

Scott Shaffer said...

So what you are saying is that the ability to read an rfid tag anywhere in the supply chain plays a key role?
Would the technology that allows this be vital to many companies?
Does Verisign recognize this?
I think so.

Gary Krall said...


I am a development manager at Verisign and yes we do "recognize this". In a client vlsualization application we have developed called "EPC Explorer" for Windows system we specifically focus on the application you are addressing which is the ability to track the chain-of-custody using RFID tags and the backend EPCIS information service.

TAG said...

Nice. I think the EPC is going to be the interesting play here. The RFID tags themselves and the hardware surrounding them are going to become a commodity item (someday).

Gary, I sent you an email directly.


Scott Shaffer said...

The big play with RFID is the technology that allows EVERY rfid tag to be read EVERYWHERE.An RFID tag will really be a physical world hyper link..a chip with an internet address attached to it.
The "browser" that can resolve this is the play.