Thursday, May 05, 2005

Brands Taking Longer To Adapt And Adopt

This really isn't that surprising. Brands have always played "catch-up" when a new media was introduced. I'm sure brands had a hard time dealing when TV advertising replaced radio advertising too.

This time though, the introduction of the Internet created even more variables to contend with because it is a faster delivery media.

What happens when brands have to adapt to the new media of those four square inches?

From Brands admit to poor performance with new media channels .

Despite three quarters of big brands recognising the importance of online advertising in their marketing mix, most believe they aren't best utilising new media channels available to them.

I show how advertising has changed here .

70% of brands said they felt overwhelmed by complex digital technologies, and that there were 'not enough hours in the day' to stay on top of developments in the space.

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