Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I came across this company, AerialTextPhilly and their unique text message (SMS) marketing program.

By entering this program, you're giving A LOT of permission and have the chance to earn money by receiving texts.

With AerialTextPhilly, your advertising messages are sent directly to targeted customers through text messaging, one of the hottest communication tools available.

Sales, promotions and other marketing initiatives can be delivered directly to consumer’s cell phone without the need for expensive printing or filming.

To enter click HERE .

In fact, we'll pay you 15 cents for each message that you receive. You're never obligated to use any of the promotions that we send you.

We'll pay you 15 cents for every message you receive.

Your account page will show how many messages we've sent and display your balance. When your account goes over $10, just click a button and we'll cut you a check and put it in the mail.

So that means in 66 plus days I might get $10 (based on 2 texts at .15 per day) to cash in?

You'll never get more than two messages per day.
AerialTextPhilly will never bombard you with messages...we promise.

I still haven't decided if it will work. One thing that turned me off right away on their website, "We are not a scam.....really"..

If anyone tries this and finds the texts/service useful, let me know.

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