Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Mobile Avertising Comes Alive When..

Mobile Advertising Comes Alive When…

- We get higher wireless speeds (I use 4INFO SMS for my search functions because its faster than using my Sprint web service). I learned how to get creative with my SMS search requests this way. How bad is that, I have to adapt to the only type of mobile search engine out there. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? When can I use my cell phone to tap into some wi-fi hotspots just to surf? I might even buy a decaf latte too.

- All websites become mobile compatible. Turn off the graphics for your mobile version, they just slow the transfer speed and keep users from returning. A perfect example, MyYahoo. From the people that think they are ahead of the curve, their site takes forever to load on my phone. I stopped using Yahoo and use Google “text version” for news instead.

- QWERTY keyboards are designed into all cell phones (just imagine if you had to use your cell phone keyboard for your PC. It would take you twenty minutes just to TYPE www.google.com, let alone do a search. I don’t know how anyone texts or even surfs using a regular cell phone keyboard. Maybe I’m too impatient.

- The Yellow Pages becomes a standard search function on the cell phone. That’s THE CATALYST. If the Yellow Pages were offered on my mobile, that would be the consumer app that starts the ball rolling. Remember, the search engine was the consumer app that attracted advertising. I pay $1.25 just to have an operator give me a local phone number.

- GPS feature is adopted into search queries. Just because I type in a zip code to get results for a certain query, doesn’t mean the results are helpful. That’s one less thing to type to start with.

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