Friday, May 06, 2005

What If.....

I have been pondering with the idea that service providers could one day be in big trouble. I mean with Wifi/Wimax being adopted everywhere (Starbucks, airports and even an entire city like Philadelphia), what happens if you can just hop from hotspot to hotspot with your "cell" phone. Would you even need a service provider?

I'm not a tech hardware guy by any stretch, so I would love input on this one.

I keep reading more and more about VoIP and WiFI, but does that only include voice? Couldn't data do the same thing?

Could cable companies place WiFi/WiMax hardware all throughout the country and create an entire network on the ground?

Is there technology that allows a phone to jump from hotspot to hotspot? What if you could use your service provider for voice, and when you wanted to surf the phone would automatically look for a hotspot (for broadband). Can this be done?

Could the service providers and the cable companies work together?

I can take my phone (I don't know if it would be my Uniden or my Treo) and I am connected through the WiFi in my house. When I leave my house, my Treo is constantly looking for hotspots and keeping me connected to receieve calls. Not only will this prevent dead spots (provided adoption is everywhere I go) but I would think mobile surfing using broadband would open up a ton of applications on my mobile phone.

Just like laptops have included a WiFi chip that allows Internet access, couldn't this be done with cellphones too? Could cellphone manuf include a WiFi/WiMax chip that would look for hotspots?

Do we even need 3G if we can do this?

What would the costs be to setup a national hotspot? Does Wimax facilitate this quicker? The license fees versus rollout of Wimax equipment..which is cheaper?

Is this the Iridium project but only on the ground? One phone number, one phone, everywhere?

GPS is being adopted by service providers, but I wonder, how can hot spot owners locate you this way? Does this feature stop VoIP from being adopted?

A new standard for WiFi, 802.11n is coming and that will allow speeads up to 200 Mbps. That would be plenty fast for data.

What I'm wondering is how many/close do WiFi/WiMax spots have to be in order to make this work. How many "spots" do you need in order to handle large volume of users (Manhattan would need how many per block). Could there ever be such a demand on a hotspot that calls/data couldn't get through?

I'm thinking of an event like the Superbowl where millions come into a town and the hotspots are overloaded.

Lots of pondering, hopefully I get some answers from people in this field.


LongDistanceT1 said...

You had said:"Just like laptops have included a WiFi chip that allows Internet access, couldn't this be done with cellphones too? Could cellphone manuf include a WiFi/WiMax chip that would look for hotspots?" I think it can be done but difficult in america.I say this because we are behind everyone else in the world due to laws and restrictions. Companys can make almost anything you dream of these days given enough money and time. Whether we can use it or have it released in a quickly fashion is a different story all together.I had the same ideas and wishes. Its sad i think, in 3rd world countries they have more advanced cell fones and pda technology than the united states. We are behind not because we cant make it or get it. We are behind because of laws and companys wanting to milk things and release upgrades slowly to increase profits and add longevity to thier companies.That is just my opinion and my hold of the situation.

yong54321 said...

21feb07...if wifi is everywhere, in less than 5 years, that is about year 2011, there will be huge change as follows:
1) phone service provider will be in trouble, as wifi provide free voice and text communication. e.g. MSN chat and skype. Phone such as nokia with wifi feature will be purchased and used without and phone network plan or SIM card. Power it up and connect to wifi and start talking!
2) Home computer will decrease as phone with wifi can connect to internet. Sending photos, files will be from phone. Computer will only be used for hardcore IT stuff such as a server, development etc.
3) Entreprenuer can order from supplier all over the world without being at the desktop. He can download or take a picture of his product and upload via wifi to web store. He can MSN chat to customers, and send new designs to them and inviting them to purchase at his web store.
4) Most retail computer game shop will close down as player can download via wifi free computer games. Game developer will make money from selling game card that allow gamers to obtain better weapons and armor.
5) The swift from client base software to web base software. If wifi internet is everywhere, we can obtain necessary information from our server. All software on the phone will be web based. Keying contact information on phone internet explorer. Of course, a copy of contact and other database will be on the phone just in case, there is a power shortage or in a out of zone wifi area.