Monday, August 21, 2006

Amex Introduces Physical World Connection

While this doesn't offer scanning a barcode and connecting directly to the Internet, it does give every piece of luggage an electronic identifier.

By having people type in the barcode number on a website, versus scanning, the application can be used by anyone.

Maybe this should be a wake-up call to the physical world connection players.

American Express offers a new physical world connection application that will come in handy with the new Transportation Security laws.

Insurance provider American Express (Amex) has advised its customers to use a new technology option called i-Trak to help protect their luggage.

Customers can attach i-Trak labels, which carry a personal barcode, to their luggage, enabling people who find the bags to track the owners using the internet, text or an airline's telex system.

The Unique I-D Code makes the item (phones, cameras, laptops, passports) identifiable to you.

The Finder can contact you by logging on to the Internet, sending an Email, or phoning the 24 hour call centre

If your item is found by an Airline, they can contact you via their internal Telex system


Anonymous said...

Putting my phone number--"individual identifier"--on such items costs me zero $$ and will connect me faster to anything I've lost, IF whoever finds it is honest.

Scott Shaffer said...

Good point.

However, which would you be more inclined to do, make an overseas phonecall or go to webpage to notifier the luggage owner?

Do you think Amex would also reward you in some way?

Anonymous said...

I could add the phrase 'Reward' under ny phone number as well as "Call Collect."

Scott Shaffer said...

And on that card you would also put "will pay for shipping to, please send COD"?

Wouldn't it be easier to just drop off the item at the airport or any designated Amex location?

Anonymous said...

"Wouldn't it be easier to just drop off the item at the airport or any designated Amex location?"

Not really PP....