Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ClickToScan A Great Mobile Application

One of the "things I would really like" is a camera phone application that can function like electronic Post-Its.

See something of interest, take picture using mobile, and send to central location to review, email, copy or fax later.

Technology powered by RealEyes3D, a physical world connection player.

ClickToScan is just that app.

Use your camera phone or digital camera to:

-scan, copy, fax and email paper documents
-create and send mobile PDF's

It was simple to set up. Provide your email and phone number of your cell phone to register (company assured me they wouldn't sell or distribute this data without permission).

Take a picture, send image using MMS, or email to color@clicktoscan.com It's simple.

Want a black and white scan? scan@clicktoscan.com

Login into your account and see all of your images and the options.

Why is it better than your wireless carrier's picture service? I use Sprint and just the work that's involved to login into my account deters me. ClickToScan offers more options for your pictures too.

Let me know your thoughts.

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