Thursday, August 10, 2006

Physical World Connection Job

One of the companies on the Physical World Connection list is looking to hire.

In my opinion, this company is one of the top PWC companies, and this could be a great ground-floor opportunity.

Job Title: Lead developer

Description: Here are the basics:

******is a small and highly innovative company that offers an enjoyable and challenging work environment.

As a ******* programmer you'll exert a strong influence in the technical future of our product(s). You'll become responsible for achieving our technological goals and improving our software based on (y)our own and our customer's feedback. And ofcourse you'll be playing with/working with the latest mobile gadgets.

Your general profile should look as followed:

- Extensive experience in C++ and Java (more languages is a plus)
- Good understanding of server based technologies
- Experience with embedded systems is a plus
- Incredibly curious personality with a strong interest in new languages/platforms/challenges
- University level thinking
- Self motivated
- Organised (at least on your computer)
- Not afraid to communicate your own opinion on things
- Entrepreneurial
- Good sense of humor

If you're interested in the JOB, not just who is hiring, please email me and I will put you in touch.

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