Tuesday, August 08, 2006

BaToo A Physical World Connection Player

Add Zurich based BaToo to the physical world connection company list .

BaToo is a freely available 1D barcode recognition toolkit that is intended to facilitate the creation of novel applications and services based on the recognition of EAN13 codes using camera equipted mobile phones.

We believe that the adequate performance of our recognition software, when compared with existing commercial implementations, the ease with which external data sources can be integrated, and the availability of our toolkit under an open source license will help to foster the the use of camera phones as mobile bar code scanners.

The idea of linking real-world products with virtual information has been around for quite some time. In 1998, Barrett and Maglio already described a system for attaching information to real-world objects [BM98] , while 1999 Want et al. expanded upon the idea and linked arbitrary items through the use of RFID tags with both information services and actions [WFGH99].

Obviously, using bar codes for linking real-world objects to virtual information has a number of drawbacks when compared to an RFID-enabled future with corresponding mobile RFID readers, such as NFC-enabled1 mobile phones

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