Monday, August 07, 2006

The Blind Are Using Physical World Connection

Scanning a barcode will offer other informative applications besides price comparison. I view this as a wirelessCueCat.

The CueCat might not seem like a bad idea any more.

Engineers at Carnegie Mellon University are developing affordable scanning systems to give blind people greater independence in daily activities, such as cooking, grocery shopping or riding a bus.

Their system relies on devices available in any electronics store, including a cell phone, Bluetooth wireless headset and portable bar code scanner.

Here's how the Trinetra prototype works:

The blind person uses a bar code-reading pencil to scan a grocery item. The information is sent via the wireless headset to an Internet-enabled cell phone.

The phone communicates with a public database, which translates the bar code into a recognizable product name.

This name is relayed to the cell phone, where text-to-speech software articulates it into the headset.

Using this technology, Rossi can shop for groceries without the help of a friend or store clerk. He also can distinguish between products in his own refrigerator and kitchen cabinet


Anonymous said...

how would the blind person locate the barcode on an object? Oops.

rajAT said...

Yeah its really silly ..

I guess the carnegie researchers should blind fold themselves and then try using their product.