Tuesday, August 22, 2006

TheLightAgency Uses Physical World Connection

This is innovative mobile marketing from TheLightAgency and is what will separate them from the crowded mobile marketing pack.

They have several new applications of M BAR Go and testing now. Take a look at their client list.

This is also how mobile marketing companies should be using physical world connection to help brands capture this new medium.

Add TheLightAgency to the mobile marketing list.

What a great idea by ShopScanSave . Just by sending a text message (JOIN to 62111), you will receive a barcode on your mobile to be scanned at the Jacksons stores.

What is creative here is that instead of going to one brand at a time for a mobile marketing campaign, ShopScanSave went to a company that has ALL of the leading brands under their roof, in many locations, and created one big campaign .

Look for more stores to do the same thing. Think of how the stores AND brands could launch other mobile marketing campaigns from this. This sure beats the "Text To Win" mentalityfrom mobile marketers.

SHOP SCAN SAVE club members receive weekly offers from leading brand owners such as Unilever, Masterfoods, P&G and News Group International. The offers are received via text message or, for owners of newer phone models, as an MMS. There are no charges associated with receiving the club text messages or utilising the service.

See the TV Ad


Larry said...

I wonder who they use for a backbone for their mobil marketing programs?

Anonymous said...

The Lightagency has their own technology infrastructure to deliver the text messages to their customers phones.