Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Daem Interactive Image Recognition PWC Player

Daem Interactive allows all camera phones to use images as physical world hyperlinks.

Their technology “augments” the reach of the advertisements supports, allowing users to capture images of products, adverts or logos to immediately receive relevant information on their mobile handsets, creating interactivity between users and advertisers

Every magazine, billboard, logo, poster, and product packaging will act as a link to the electronic world.

When the user locates a promo he takes a picture of the advertisement or logo and sends the image to a short-code or e-mail adress. Our image recognition technology identifies the image and sends related multimedia contents back to the user.
Works for all camera phones.

User receives multimedia content.

The system can be used to take part in promotions, buy tickets to a show, download contents, access consumer reviews…mobile visual searches are most efficient way to obtain information on demand.

Notice how big the LIST is getting to be ?

I expect the major players (Yahoo, Google, Microsoft) to enter this space shortly.

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