Monday, August 14, 2006

Brands- Are You Ready For Mobile Marketing?

A nice summary of the mobile marketing platforms coming.

From ReveNews Mobile Media- Is your brand ready for 2007?

The spawn of the Internet revolution that is mobile media represents one of the first new channels to arise in more than 50 years and will quickly become a primary means of reaching out to customers.

Cell phones, iPods and game consoles are part of the new mobile media. With companies like's Rusell Buckley's company), merchants are able to reach out to specific channels as never before.

For merchants having issues with consumers who are unwilling to type in their long domain name, check out Semacode's Software Development Kit. Semacode works by embedding a web address into a sort of two-dimensional barcode. Using the Semacode Software Development Kit, you can create visual tags for objects and contexts and read them using a mobile camera phone. For more details, visit

Another amazing freak of technology to watch out for is , which was created by . It's basically a digital phone that captures the bar code-like image and propels the consumer to complete the purchase. Check it out. They have simplified mobile commerce that finally enables businesses to make mobile commerce a reality.

Other applications for the mobile phone.
Mobile Coupons
Mobile ticketing
Contest Entries
Text 2 Screen
Live Events
Consumer Acquisition
Direct Sales

I find it positive that this article mentions two of the physical world connection players for new mobile technology platforms, but they didn't include the two that are getting the most traction.

They failed to mention NextCode , and their ConnexTo and ScanBuy .

They are the PWC getting the most traction these days.

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Can't wait for ScamBuy to pony-up and pay NeoMedia for illegally using their bridge lol lol lol !!