Wednesday, August 30, 2006

TextMarks Could Be Great Mobile Marketing Player

You have to try this out just to see how easy mobile marketing can be.

TextMarks is trying to make SMS publishing easy and mainstream.

I first heard about TextMarks from Russell Buckley at MobHappy

After checking this service out, I realized these guys could be a real player in the mobile marketing space quickly.

They allow you to use their short code (41411) for free, and you create your own desired keyword for advertising. You can see if your desired keyword is available immediately.

To try their service click here or send an text to 41411 and use keyword "PRIMATE".

A TextMark is a keyword for an SMS you select that people can text message to 41411 to receive a custom response from you.

Let them be directed to a webpage, or specific text (that can be continuously changed).

Not only do I think this service will be a hit for advertisers and people that want to communicate effectively with SMS, I plan on using it to promote an upcoming product.


Anonymous said...

So is this disruptive technology, or just disruptive pricing? Same question applies to Mozes.

Scott Shaffer said...

Mozes is a different application entirely.

Both great ideas though.

Dean Collins said...

I dont want to sound like a sore looser as we have a similar technology but definitely just disruptive is well free.

unfortunately we all know there is now such thing as a free lunch so he will have to charge for the service eventually, or sell all of the information they collected, or flip the company to a bigger chump who could choose to do similar.

I think it's a great technology and all power to you but...we will still be charging for our services.


Anonymous said...

sure, great ideas. but what is truly disruptive is the pricing! TextMarks is free; Mozes is free for personal use and bands (1 keyword). So this is disruptive pricing model, at least on the free side, for all those shared shortcode providers, otair, messagebuzz, etc. But Mozes and TextMarks have to make money somehow.

Scott Shaffer said...

Do you know of one of the biggest applications on the web now, and it's free..

Millions of people use it everyday.

They generate over 2b in revenues per quarter for a free service.

A free service does almost $10b in revenues?...

With regard to TextMarks et al, look around the corner, it's not hard to see how these guys can make money...if they do it right.

Anonymous said...

true, true, true. It's possible, but it won't be cheap to get there. It's all risk-reward.